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I am a lawyer with over 28 years of experience in drawing up wills, trusts and estate plans, helping clients with probate and estate administrations and advising business owners and families about planning for the future. You can find me at Webster Hudson & Coombe LLP in Vancouver, BC

Medical Assistance In Dying

Very often when I am helping clients prepare their estate planning documents, the discussion turns to end-of-life planning as well. I am always surprised by the number of people who believe that if they appoint a representative for health care, … Continue reading

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Multiple Wills in British Columbia

Did you know you can have more than one will in British Columbia?  This is an estate planning tool that has been used for some time in Ontario, but it is not yet so well known here.  I have been … Continue reading

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You may have a Spouse even if you think you don’t

When my clients ask me about what problems might arise with the way they want to distribute their estates, I tell them that it’s often not blood relatives but in-laws that create the problems. A recent judgment of the British Columbia … Continue reading

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No Will? No Way!

This topic just never gets old….what happens if a person dies without a will?  Many people think they have it all sorted out, but consider this…. I had a call today from an old colleague.  He has a client whose … Continue reading

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Death and Passwords

Some time ago I wrote about the issue of what happens to a person’s digital property when he or she dies. So on the news today, there is a story about that exact problem: From the story it … Continue reading

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Where there is (not quite) a Will

Since the Wills Estate and Succession Act (the “WESA”) came into effect in March of 2014, we have waiting to see what the courts would do with the new provision, Section 58, allowing judges to decide whether a document that … Continue reading

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BC Court of Appeal Upholds “living will” Decision

I wrote about this sad case about a year ago, after the Supreme Court of BC denied the request of Mrs. Bentley’s family to have the care home where she lives stop feeding her and allow her to die. This time, … Continue reading

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