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I am a lawyer with over 28 years of experience in drawing up wills, trusts and estate plans, helping clients with probate and estate administrations and advising business owners and families about planning for the future. You can find me at Webster Hudson & Coombe LLP in Vancouver, BC

Financial Elder Abuse and Bullying

As an estate lawyer, I see a lot of really strange things. I see children arguing in front of the their parents (still living) about who deserves what out of the estate. I see other children struggling with how to … Continue reading

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Using joint ownership as an estate planning tool: getting it wrong

As a current TV ad points out, even kids know it’s wrong to take back something once you give it away.  Legally, though, it’s not that clear, especially when it comes to wills and joint ownership.  This is why a … Continue reading

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You want me to be your executor????

So your bff is going for a cruise up the Amazon, and has finally decided to make a will. She wants to honour you by appointing you executor. Party time? Or time to run for the hills? I say unless … Continue reading

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Leggo my logo!

A very important part of business succession planning, which is often over-looked or ignored, is the issue of who owns the intellectual property that the business is built on.  You may not think your company owns any intellectual property of … Continue reading

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Preparing for a Cloudy day: Death, Passwords and other Assets

Not long ago a colleague forwarded a link to me for an article written by an Australian lawyer  The article is titled “Who Gets my Passwords When I Die” and it got me thinking about all the information I own that … Continue reading

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When Laws Collide, Part 2

In my previous post on this case, Easingwood v. Cockroft, 2011 BCSC 1154 I promised to outline the  judge’s analysis of the facts. To recap, here are the parties: Reg Easingwood (the deceased, died Sept 2009) Kay Easingwood, married Reg in … Continue reading

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Business Succession Planning Statistics

When people start a business they are usually full of optimism and positive energy for the future. They really don’t want to focus on anything negative. But the reality is, bad things happen to good people, and failing to plan … Continue reading

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When laws collide: how an Alter-ego trust saved the day

A recent case, decided in the BC Supreme Court, examines the interplay among three important BC laws: the Wills Variation Act (“WVA”), the Family Relations Act (“FRA”) and the Fraudulent Conveyance Act (“FCA”). The case is Easingwood v. Cockroft, 2011 … Continue reading

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BC Enduring Powers of Attorney now in force

September is here and with it comes the new Part 2 of the British Columbia Power of Attorney Act. Most of the changes relate to the powers that your attorney (the person you appoint to act as your agent) will … Continue reading

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Mediating Estate Disputes

Early in my career as a lawyer, I practiced family law, and I found myself helping nasty people fight over things like who got the kids on their birthdays. My last family law case involved a battle over who should … Continue reading

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