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Where there is (not quite) a Will

Since the Wills Estate and Succession Act (the “WESA”) came into effect in March of 2014, we have waiting to see what the courts would do with the new provision, Section 58, allowing judges to decide whether a document that … Continue reading

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“All I need is a simple will”

How much does a will cost? Under the heading “Frequently Asked Questions”, this is probably number one in my practise. As a lawyer, I am most likely going to answer “that depends”, but today I am going to try to … Continue reading

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Probate, Explained

As an estate and wills lawyer, I am often asked to explain, what is Probate? PROBATE, from the Latin probatio, means “the proof of a will”. It is the process by which a will is proven to be valid or invalid. … Continue reading

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Financial Elder Abuse and Bullying

As an estate lawyer, I see a lot of really strange things. I see children arguing in front of the their parents (still living) about who deserves what out of the estate. I see other children struggling with how to … Continue reading

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