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You may have a Spouse even if you think you don’t

When my clients ask me about what problems might arise with the way they want to distribute their estates, I tell them that it’s often not blood relatives but in-laws that create the problems. A recent judgment of the British Columbia … Continue reading

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BC Court of Appeal Upholds “living will” Decision

I wrote about this sad case about a year ago, after the Supreme Court of BC denied the request of Mrs. Bentley’s family to have the care home where she lives stop feeding her and allow her to die. This time, … Continue reading

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“All I need is a simple will”

How much does a will cost? Under the heading “Frequently Asked Questions”, this is probably number one in my practise. As a lawyer, I am most likely going to answer “that depends”, but today I am going to try to … Continue reading

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You want me to be your executor????

So your bff is going for a cruise up the Amazon, and has finally decided to make a will. She wants to honour you by appointing you executor. Party time? Or time to run for the hills? I say unless … Continue reading

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